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dizzy Support Creators Content Script v3.6.5 - Nulled

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16 May

[FIXED] - Reported Free Live Streaming Black screen
[FIXED] - Reported Bugs
[ADDED] Latest Products from main page
[ADDED] Re-Designed Right sidebar boxes
[ADDED] Turkish Language tr.php in langs folder

[FIXED] - Reported Bugs
[ADDED] - New Call icon for live streaming


[FIXED] - Reported Bugs

09 May

[FIXED] - Fixed Storie Black Screen Issue
[FIXED] - Fixed Reported S3 Issue
[FIXED] - Fixed Reported DigitalOcean Issue
[FIXED] - Fixed Reported Chat Video Play Issue
[FIXED] - Fixed Reported CSS issues
[FIXED] - Fixed Reported Mobile Screen issues
[FIXED] - Fixed Reported Offline Search issue
[FIXED] - Fixed Reported Tip calculate issue
[FIXED] - Fixed Reported Subscription calculate issue
[FIXED] - Fixed Reported CoinPayment accept payment issue
[ADDED] - Post Categories (All posts, Videos, Audios, Photos and Products)
[ADDED] - 12 Social Website Profile Link
[ADDED] - Send Tip Button on Users Profile

If you are running version 3.5 or 3.5.1 you must first update to version 3.6 and then update to version 3.6.1


[FIXED] - SQL file issue

25 April

[ADDED] - Story System
[ADDED] - Image Story System
[ADDED] - Text Story System
[ADDED] - 22 Text Story Background image
[ADDED] - Add / Delete New Text Story background image
[ADDED] - Enable / Disable Text Story Background
[ADDED] - Audio(mp3) post feature
[ADDED] - Edit/Delete Story
[ADDED] - How many user see my story
[ADDED] - Shop system
[ADDED] - Create form Scratch product
[ADDED] - Create Book a Zoom product
[ADDED] - Create Digital Download product
[ADDED] - Create Live Event Ticket product
[ADDED] - Create Art Commission product
[ADDED] - Create a Join Instagram Close Friends product
[ADDED] - How many Scratch Products have users created
[ADDED] - How many Book a Zoom Products have users created
[ADDED] - How many Digital Download Products have users created
[ADDED] - How many Live Event ticket Products have users created
[ADDED] - How many Art Commissions Products have users created
[ADDED] - How many Join Instagram Close Friends Products have users created
[ADDED] - Search Product From Admin area
[ADDED] - My Product page
[ADDED] - Purchased Product page
[ADDED] - Sales product Page
[ADDED] - My Stories Page
[ADDED] - Product Earning in Chart
[ADDED] - Tips commission
[ADDED] - How many user see product
[ADDED] - How many times the product has been sold
[ADDED] - Who can share Story
[ADDED] - Who can create a product
[ADDED] - Enable / Disable product features
[ADDED] - Enable / Disable Story text and image share feature
[ADDED] - Autocomplete for Mention
[ADDED] - Suggested product
[ADDED] - Search user on Admin Panel
[ADDED] - How many male users registered
[ADDED] - How many female users registered
[ADDED] - How many Active user
[ADDED] - How many user inactive
[ADDED] - 19 New SVG Icon
[ADDED] - 152 New Words
[ADDED] - Announcement System
[ADDED] - Add / Edit / Delete Announcement
[ADDED] - Admin can Enable/Disable announcement Status
[ADDED] - Admin can change announcement type. Creators can see announcement or Everyone can see announcement
[ADDED] - How many user saw announcement
[FIXED] - Fixed the sum of all money gains.
[FIXED] - Reported Bugs
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