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10 Ways to Get Backlinks


Staff member
Sep 20, 2021
Cheyenne Mountain Complex
10 Ways to Get Backlinks

Backlinks are one of SEO's most powerful features. A backlink is a link to another website placed within one's own webpage, in the form of a hyperlink, so that users can click through to another website with relevant information. Google values links as an authoritative point of trustworthiness - the more links that are found to websites that are relevant or well-respected by third-party sources, the higher those websites rank on SERPs ( Search Engines Rank Pages ).

Get Backlinks with HubSpot

Social media posts, guest posts, and actual mailing to contact email addresses are all ways that you can get your business listed instead of having to spend the time and money it takes to pay for ads.

Generate Links with Infographics
This is not a secret, but it's worth mentioning. An infographic packs a significant punch in the eyes of the search engines that index your site. One of their many links can be found in your navigation bar for high rankings.

Get Findings or Helpful Analysis
You can tell someone what is happening or you can give them a "heads-up" on things they're going to face. For instance, if we're gearing up for a potential power outage ahead of time we can talk about how to prepare and what to do when the power goes out.

Contribute to Resources or Communities
Sites that offer free tutorials are good for branding your business without investing too much time. You may want to contribute articles or videos that are focused on sharing the knowledge you have about a particular topic with readers in exchange for getting backlinks. If you are more of an introvert, you can still get links by checking out related sites in your niche or by commenting on blogs in your niche.

Make Content Available For Free
Free content is a type of content that you give away for free - your cost of doing this actually helping your business in the long term. If Google or any other major search engine finds your site, sees that it's relevant to the searcher and promotes it with a backlink, you're potentially getting qualified traffic from people who might've never seen you before. Even if they aren't buying from you on that visit, at least they saw your message and they're familiar with who you are if they decide to buy from you later.

Create FAQs and White Papers
These are the best ways to get backlinks to your page. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to email me at [email protected] so I can share it with the world!

Be Generous With Others
This gives you a long-term return on your investment. Larger volumes of high-quality content are less affected by the Google algorithm changes compared to smaller quantities of low-quality content because sites using them look more authoritative. The focus you will need to put into this is minimal, but if you have social media accounts, it will be much simpler to find relevant opportunities where you can streamer being generous with others online.

Offering a Business Solution
Contests, rewards, two-sided contests, product collaborations are just a few examples. Partnering with your customers is one way to gain an advantage over the competition.

Post-High-Quality Content
Posting high-quality content with insightful information is the best way to reach your audience. This will make them want to share, vote on, comment on, and link to it when they find something valuable in your post.

Leverage Your Online Networks
One way to do this is to profile public profile employees. Finding out employees' names, their Twitter username, company name, and the organization's social media account can help you get started. You can also provide them with an option to share your content on their personal social media accounts while considering the organization's online reputation guidelines.

Give a Discount on a Product
You can offer a promotion with a discount or even free delivery for at least one week. You must still use the usual strategies to build your list so this will have little effect on the long-term bottom line, but it may bring in some new customers if their cost of customer acquisition is really high.