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5 Reasons To Choose Linux Over Windows


Staff member
Sep 20, 2021
Cheyenne Mountain Complex
5 Reasons To Choose Linux Over Windows

Every day, tens of thousands of articles are published about the benefits of switching from Windows to Linux for your personal laptop. But what are the specific reasons to make this switch? This guide will take you through five major reasons the average user should make the switch, starting with customization.


Windows is a mediocre operating system for desktop devices. Yet, despite coming with many problems and flaws it is much popular than Linux. On the other hand, Linux is praised as an open-source operating system available for free and running faster than Windows.

The History of Windows and Linux
Linux was not born as a viable alternative for Windows. What started out as little more than a half-baked experiment by some programmers, turned out to be the most popular OS on Earth.

Linux at work
After a quick search on the matter, I found out that Linux systems are specified to run Unix programs and will allow you to do nearly all of your day-to-day tasks with just a browser, something that Windows can't do.

Cost of Windows Vs Price of Linux
A typical Windows licensing fee for a personal computer is $100, but even those who buy Windows from a bargain-basement vendor may well spend as much as $200. But if you figure in the price of Linux -- which could be as low as free -- and then take into account that Microsoft just recently bumped up the cost of replacing a Windows 10 license to $119.99, suddenly Linux starts to look mighty attractive.

Easy to Switch and Upgrade with Linux
Linux has the advantage of using the same GNU environment no matter who is providing it. This means that Linux is easier to switch and upgrade because there is no long-term commitment to a single vendor. Part of this is due to not being stuck with a single system builder's hardware choices.